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Projects Coming Up

2012-08-08 12:59:24 by At7Commando

I'm working on three things... one of them of course being Animation Nation 3.. but I am keeping that in store for later.. right now I'm working on a short animation for the Garfield Falsh Collab 2... and something for Madness Day.. once I get these near done I'll start banging out the third episode.. but enough about me.. what's everyone else up to?

Projects Coming Up


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2012-08-21 20:23:44

I have a brilliant idea! :D Why dont u recruit some friend or mate to be in ur crew to make all of this videos? That will make ur job easier and maybe... u got some funny idea to go into ur animation nation series :D


2014-05-10 14:10:14

Looks good!